The XL Gala


3 years in a row Michel has won the competition and last time he managed to even equal the Swedish indoor record of 8.20m.

MT- It will be really fun to compete in the Globe again with the amazing atmosphere that gets in there. I hope to some big marks and even win the competition but it will be tough . This year the organizers have really managed to put together an awesome line-up with some of the very best long jumpers in the world , I love it!

The resistance that will be visiting the Globe includes: Great Britain's Chris Tomlinson who took medals both at the European Championships and World Indoor Championships , Dutchman Ignisious Gaisah who was second at the World Championships in Moscow last year, and additionally won the Globe in 2006 at 8.36m, China's Li Jinzhe who set a personal record at the XL Gala 2013 with a jump of 8.11m but as late as last summer won the Shanghai Diamond leugue with a mark of 8.34m and German Christian Reif who won the European Championships in 2010 and has a personal best of mighty 8.47 .

The biggest news is that the Olympic champion from 2008 , Irving Saladino from Panama is coming. Saladinos personal records is located at 8.73m and it puts him in eighth place in the all time list.

MT- Saladino's definitely a guy that I looked great on and downloaded some inspiration from, there's not many guys jumping as beautiful as him and it always gives an extra kick to jump against him, this is something you do not want to miss!